Website Development

Website Development

We provide latest website development services which will not only result in fast loading website but also produce better SEO results. We follow the steps to make sure that your website adhere the best practices.

  • Web pages will 100% match with the web design giving the same look and feel what's defined in the website design
  • All the pages will be built on table-less approach with the help of CSS. This is the latest HTML page building technique which result in easy style maintainability and better search engine friendly pages
  • All the websites are tested on all the popular & latest browser to achieve cross browser compatibility
  • Fonts with nice effects can easily be produced with the help of latest technology like CUFON and/or SIFR
  • We also optimise the pages by optimising the Meta keywords, description, etc
  • All the images are optimised for web resulting in faster download
  • Our process also includes using of transparent images for better maintainability and look; we make sure that transparent elements also appears on various incompatible browsers like Internet Explorer 6
  • We can also validate the website to be approved by W3C standards

Let me know if you would like to know more about our web development processes.

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